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Southside Demonstration Suites Linn Akubarik system

9 June 2022

Ultimate Upgrades #1 – Linn Akubariks, Akudoriks and Exakt

Welcome to the first in Loud & Clear’s Ultimate Upgrades blog, where we’ll help you make your music system sound better. We’ll take systems from Linn, Naim, Moon, dCS, Rega et al and apply the Ultimate Upgrade treatment to dramatically improve the audio performance of each.

What this will do for you, dear listener, is get you even deeper into your music and broaden that smile on your face😊.

We’re kicking things off with the Linn Akubarik Exakt system…

Linn Organik DAC Upgrade

12 April 2022

Linn Organik DAC – Klimax DS/DSM upgrade now available

The sublime performance of Organik DAC – first debuted last year in next-generation Klimax DSM – is now available as a retrofit upgrade across the entire Klimax range. Organik upgrade is available now for all variants of Klimax DS and DSM – even the very first model manufactured in 2007; joining Klimax Exaktbox and Klimax 350 integrated loudspeakers in the eligible line-up for Organik DAC upgrade.


14 March 2022

Introducing dCS Ring DACβ„’ APEX

dCS Limited’s Ring DACβ„’ technology has been an integral part of and significant contributor to the exquisite sound quality of dCS digital audio products since the late ’80s.

Now, dCS launches it’s latest generation – Ring DACβ„’ Apex. The best digital-to-analogue converter in the world? Read on for details on how to hear for yourself…

Loud & Clear Glasgow staff

9 February 2022

2022 here we come!

2022 is here and we are ready for it! From 1st March our opening hours will be extended to include Wednesdays, 12pm – 6pm.

It’s hard to summarise 2021, but here’s what was added to our product portfolio over the year; new brands, new products and updates from our existing suppliers.

2022 price rises
Linn Factory

9 December 2021

Linn Price Rise 1st January

We now have the full details of Linn’s forthcoming price rise, effective 1st January 2022. There are some sizeable jumps so well worth considering if now is the time to order. As expected, recent product launches are unaffected.

Ekstatik Ekos SE Closeup
Chord at Loud & Clear - GroundAray and Burndy

25 October 2021

Chord Company double-header: GroundARAY and Burndy cables

We were lucky enough to welcome old friend and Chord Company Managing Director, Alan Gibb, along with Area Sales Manager Joe Gormley to Loud & Clear a couple of weeks ago to present and demonstrate two brilliant new Chord products to a number of customers: GroundARAY and ChordBurndy. We also had a sneak preview of a third, but we’re not allowed to talk about it yet – watch this space πŸ˜‰.

Fyne Audio range

20 August 2021

Fyne Audio Feature

Scottish loudspeaker manufacturer Fyne Audio visit Loud & Clear Glasgow for some in-depth product chat, listening sessions and to introduce some new products…

Nordost Valhalla 2 Ethernet cable

17 June 2021

New product – Nordost Valhalla 2 Ethernet Cable

The way we can listen to music has metamorphosed over the past decade, now accessing high resolution digital music via the internet or our home network, played by astonishingly good music streaming players. So we need commensurate quality streaming cables to carry that digital data to our players: step forward Nordost Valhalla 2 Ethernet cable.

Audiovector R Series

16 June 2021

Audiovector joins our family

We’re thrilled to welcome Danish, family owned and prestigious loudspeaker manufacturer Audiovector to our own family of exceptional audio equipment at Loud & Clear Glasgow.

Accuphase E-800 integrated amplifier

20 May 2021

Welcome to Accuphase!

Accuphase is a name synonymous with high-end audio equipment and one which is revered across the globe. We are thrilled then to welcome this most prestigious of brands to Loud & Clear Glasgow’s portfolio of exceptional hi-fi.

Racing Awareness Scotland Loud & Clear car
Naim Uniti Atom Headphone Edition
New Cinema Sony 4k Anthem AV

22 April 2021

Sony 4k Laser Projector and Anthem AV Receivers light up our cinemas

As the Loud and Clear team continues preparations for reopening, we’re delighted to share with you some major improvements to our home theatre demonstration rooms, including our new Sony 4k VW790ES laser projector and Anthem MRX 1140 AV Receiver.

These upgrades bring you even more enjoyment from your movies, games and television, with simplified control and fewer products required to make for an unforgettable experience.

Virtual dem

19 April 2021

Virtual demonstrations at Loud & Clear

Life as we know it has changed. So let’s embrace the change and adapt. Loud & Clear Glasgow will reopen it’s doors (hurrah!) on Thursday 29th April but until then – and beyond then – we are bringing the showroom to you, by way of personal, virtual demonstrations.

Next generation Linn Klimax DSM
Linn Klimax DSM Organik 2021

26 March 2021

World Exclusive – the ULTIMATE Digital Streamer revealed

Perfection in a box, at Loud & Clear now: next generation Linn Klimax DSM

We are thrilled beyond measure to be the first retailer on the planet to get our hands on the world’s new reference music streamer. Collected this morning at Linn HQ, we have opened the box, we have ooh-ed and aah-ed at its stunning looks and feel and most importantly we have now listened to new Klimax Organik DSM. Believe the hype.

Breathtaking sound, extreme engineering, sublime musicality, exquisite design. Words cannot do justice to next generation Linn Klimax Organik DSM – the ultimate digital player.

Koetsu Urushi Gold

24 March 2021

Koetsu Moving Coil cartridges

One form of great art deserves another. Koetsu moving coil phono cartridges are hand crafted in Japan, with the finest materials available, by second generation master cartridge maker Fumihiko Sugano. These sonic and visual masterpieces are available in limited quantities and are offered by only the most knowledgeable audio retailers. Loud & Clear is delighted to join that elite group.


18 March 2021

Home Office Top Tips

Lockdown has its advantages: more time for home improvements, more time for music, less commuting, more time at home. But it has also highlighted the limitations of many an ad hoc Home Office. Here, Loud & Clear turn our tech and audio expertise to illustrating some simple ways to improve and, dare we say it, enjoy Home Office life!

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