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Linn Price Rise 1st January

Linn Factory

As we have seen recently across industries and audio especially, the considerable and ongoing rises in cost of manufacture – component, raw material and transport prices – can no longer be borne in full by manufacturers and Linn is the latest to announce new pricing.

We now have the full details of Linn’s forthcoming price rise, effective 1st January 2022. There are some sizeable jumps so well worth considering if now is the time to order. As expected, recent product launches are unaffected. All orders received before 1st January 2022 will secure current pricing.

The increase is not uniform but averages around 14%, includes Series 3, Majik DSM and LP12 mechanics as well as all upgrades and components. Current and new Linn Price Lists can be accessed below, here’s what it means for a selection of products:

Series 3 wireless speaker:  £2950 → £3500
Series 3 ‘slave’:  £2500 → £2950
Majik DSM:  £2950 → £3155
Majik 140 loudspeakers:  £1800 → £2400
Majik 109 loudspeakers:  £990 → £1200

Akurate DSM:  £7500 → £8550
Akurate Exaktbox-I with Katalyst:  £4940 → £6515
Exakt Akubarik Katalyst loudspeakers:  £27500 → £33500

LP12 mechanics:  £1770 → £2015
Keel subchassis:  £2660 → £3030
Kore subchassis:  £800 → £912
Ekos SE tonearm:  £4000 → £4560
Akito tonearm:  £1630 → £1995
Lingo 4:  £1450 → £1650
Karousel bearing kit:  £750 → £856

Klimax 350 passive loudspeakers:  £21600 → £32500
530 integrated loudspeakers:  £9500 → £10830


View current and upcoming full Linn price lists here:

Current Linn Price List

Linn Price List 1st Jan ’22


All orders received before 1st January secure current pricing. Lead times vary on individual products so please get in touch to order on 0141 221 0221 or glasgow@loud-clear.co.uk.

How can Loud & Clear help?

The eleventh hour approaches with Linn’s imminent price rise.
Act now to save up to 20% on 2022 prices and have your system installed next year.

Current Linn Owners
If you already own a Majik, Akurate or Selekt DSM you could soon be running a full Linn Exakt system – Klimax, Akubarik, Exaktbox or 530/520.
Exakt brings Linn’s best sound, pioneering it’s “the source is in the speaker” protocol, Space Optimisation+ and Aktiv playback.
This achieves massively better performance, reduces complexity and declutters your room. Win, win, win!
With prices rising up to 20% on Exakt products on Jan 1st, Loud & Clear is delighted to offer:

  • Facility to take delivery and store new products until installation in 2022.
  • Up to 12 months deferred credit terms
  • Re-purposing of your existing equipment for music in another room or for gifting to a loved one
  • Buy back any redundant hardware from you

A massive performance leap and Spring Clean rolled into one!

Future Linn Owners
Don’t worry if you have not yet taken your first steps onto the Linn Ladder; Loud & Clear will give you a ‘leggy up’!

  • We will trade-in your existing hi-fi or re-purpose it in another room with full professional set-up
  • Delivery, storage and deferred credit terms as above

The optimum route for each customer will be different and so our offer will be tailored to individuals. Please get in touch with George in the first instance on 0141 221 0221 or george.c@loud-clear.co.uk to find out which way is best for you.

Selekt dial assembly

Linn Factory Tour 17 09 21 (13) Series 3

Series 3 for despatch

Linn Klimax raw casework

Klimax raw casework

LP12 subchassis

Klimax Organik DSM Lid

Klimax DSM Lid