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dCS APEX Listening Sessions

Every now and then in the wonderful world of audio, a new development comes along that gets music lovers very excited. New Ring DAC™ APEX from digital music maestros dCS Limited falls firmly into that category.

dCS Limited is a name synonymous with the absolute finest in digital music playback. An integral part of and significant contributor to the exquisite audio quality of dCS components has been their proprietary Ring DAC™ technology, developed entirely in-house by dCS and rightly touted as one of the best digital-to-analogue converters available, if not the best.

Now comes dCS Ring DAC™ APEX. This new hardware – the result of intensive research and development – delivers a range of sonic and measured improvements and enhances the musical performance of two renowned dCS systems – Vivaldi and Rossini.

And we are thrilled to offer you the chance to hear the improvements APEX brings for yourself with an exclusive event: dCS APEX Listening Sessions.

In the comfort of our Southside Demonstration Suite in Pollokshields, we will introduce APEX technology and let you hear for yourself the difference it makes, using comparative demos between old Rossini Player and new Rossini APEX. All through a reference Naim Audio, Bowers & Wilkins and Chord Company system. Prepare to be enthralled!

The full listening system will comprise:

  • dCS Rossini / Rossini APEX
  • dCS Rossini Clock
  • Naim NAC 552 preamplifier and NAP 500 power amplifier
  • Bowers & Wilkins 801 D4 loudspeakers
  • The Chord Company ChordMusic and Sarum-T cabling
  • Quadraspire X-reference racks


Sessions will run by appointment from Wednesday 30th March – Saturday 2nd April.

Please get in touch on 0141 221 0221 or email glasgow@loud-clear.co.uk if you would like to join us, with your preferred day and time and we will do our best to accommodate.




30 Mar 2022 - 02 Apr 2022


By appointment
All Day

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Loud & Clear Glasgow Southside Demonstration Suite
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