14 March 2022    |    New products, Latest

Introducing dCS Ring DAC™ APEX


Every now and then in the wonderful world of audio, a new development comes along that gets music lovers very excited. New Ring DAC™ APEX from digital music maestros dCS Limited falls firmly into that category.

dCS Limited is a name synonymous with the absolute finest in digital music playback. An integral part of and significant contributor to the exquisite audio quality of dCS components has been the proprietary Ring DAC™ technology, developed entirely in-house by dCS and rightly touted as one of the best DAC technologies available, if not the best.

Now comes dCS Ring DAC™ APEX. This new hardware – the result of intensive research and development – delivers a range of sonic and measured improvements and enhances the musical performance of two renowned dCS systems – Vivaldi and Rossini.

And we are thrilled to offer you the chance to hear the improvements APEX brings for yourself at our exclusive comparative listening event: dCS APEX Listening Sessions. Come along to hear old vs. new dCS Rossini in our sumptuous Glasgow Southside Demonstration Suite from Wednesday 30th March – Saturday 2nd April. Full details on the event page – dCS APEX Listening Sessions – and here are the Rossinis ready and waiting:


For over 30 years, dCS has strived to set the standard for digital playback and deliver a truly state-of-the-art experience for all dCS owners. This requires constant innovation and an absolute dedication to achieving the finest possible levels of sound reproduction.

Following extensive research and development, dCS has made some major changes to the Ring DAC hardware, reconfiguring the Ring DAC circuit board and developing an all-new analogue output stage.

These changes reduce distortion, improve linearity and deliver both measured and subjective improvements in a range of key areas, taking the Ring DAC’s world-leading performance to a new level. It has also allowed dCS to further enhance the performance of the much-loved Vivaldi DAC, Rossini DAC and Rossini Player.

We’re hugely excited to have this latest innovation on demonstration at Loud & Clear. Through hard work, dedication and creative thinking, the dCS engineering team has been able to once again raise the bar for audio performance, and our own initial listening trials have had us dancing around the dem room!

“New APEX just sounds more natural – music is increasingly effortless – the darker background brings out the timbre of each instrument and makes the whole presentation more enjoyable. Stunning!”

Here is our new Rossini APEX arriving:


So what is APEX?
APEX is the latest generation dCS Ring DAC™ analogue board. The APEX board represents dCS‘s latest thinking on analogue gains stages and voltage regulation.

APEX models feature the dCS Ring DAC™ APEX analogue board as standard. Older models feature previous generation Ring DAC™ analogue board. Whilst both offer an exceptional technical and sonic performance, the Ring DAC™ APEX board reduces noise and distortion even further, and is around 12dB more linear than previous generations. These improvements in measured performance have allowed dCS to enhance further the musical performance of Vivaldi and Rossini DACs and the Rossini Player, resulting in an even more compelling and engaging experience for listeners.

Aside from the new Ring DAC APEX hardware, the Rossini and Vivaldi APEX models are identical to previous generation models. They are constructed with meticulous attention to detail, using the same high-quality parts and components and offer all of the key features and benefits that people would expect from a dCS system.

As of March 4, dCS Ring DAC hardware will be fitted as standard in:

Vivaldi DAC (£33,000)
Rossini DAC (25,500)
Rossini Player (£28,000)

Existing Vivaldi and Rossini owners can upgrade their units to APEX (upgrade £6,000).

Fancy a listen? Just get in touch on 0141 221 0221 or email glasgow@loud-clear.co.uk.

And here is the team at dCS explaining a little more about APEX and the dCS ethos…

Rossini Apex front

Vivaldi Apex rear