9 February 2022    |    Shop news, Latest

2022 here we come!

Loud & Clear Glasgow staff

Welcome to Loud & Clear in 2022 – we are back and raring to go! If 2022 is anything like last year, we’ll be in for a treat.

We are adding Wednesdays to our opening days from 1st March:

Tuesdays – by appointment
Wednesday, Thursday & Friday – 12pm – 6pm
Saturdays – 10am – 5pm

It’s hard to summarise 2021, but here’s what was added to our product portfolio over the year; new brands, new products and updates from our existing suppliers.

Firstly, we welcomed some new brands to Loud & Clear Glasgow:
Accuphase – the Japanese company that is about to celebrate its 50th birthday. We have loved having it’s integrated amplifiers in the shop. They work so well with our speaker brands.
Anthem – Canadian home cinema manufacturer that produces excellent AV receivers and amplifiers.
Audiovector – a return to Loud & Clear for this Danish loudspeaker company. We’ve taken on their higher spec Arreté range.

Rel – another company that we’ve re-engaged with this year, UK based subwoofer manufacturer.
Simplinth – this company produces plinths for Linn LP12s in exquisite finishes.
Solidsteel – The SS-6 speaker stand has been a popular addition to our dem stock.
Trinnov Audio – French manufacturer of high-end home cinema processors and amplifiers.

Our current suppliers have continued to push on through with exciting new and updated products. Last year brought some truly exceptional products to Loud & Clear Glasgow:

Bowers & Wilkins – 800 Series D4 has been a massive hit. We have all five models on dem – the best just got better! Just before Christmas we received the new Midnight Blue metallic finish on the 700 Signature series.
Bluesound – Node and Powernode streamer and streaming amp were given a fresh overhaul.
The Chord Company – continue to innovate, this time with it’s GroundARAY high frequency reduction devices, plus there has been an overhaul of the Chord mains cable ranges.

Focal – we have added the Celestee & Clear Mg headphones to our dem stock.
FYNE AUDIO – this Scottish company continues to innovate with the last in it’s SP range – F500SP – as superb as we’d expect. Fyne is also updating the F300 range with a new tweeter – first up is the F302i. We took the plunge and have the F1-5 stand mount speaker from the reference F1 range. A lovely sounding and looking loudspeaker.
Grado Labs – All the Prestige headphone range has been upgraded with the new X driver.


Koetsu – One of the most iconic cartridges in the world, the Rosewood Signature Platinum is a wonder to behold, both sonically and aesthetically. Beautiful.
Linn – brought out one of the hi-fi products of the year with the new Klimax DSM Organik streamer, with the Organik DACs being retrofittable in Klimax 350 aktiv loudspeakers too. The LP12 wasn’t left out either, with the new reference Ekstatik cartridge and Radikal 2 power supply update plus the return of fluted plinths.

Naim Audio – brought out it’s first ever turntable with Solstice. This complete package came with its own cartridge and phono stage too. Limited to 500 units worldwide – these won’t hang around long. Earlier in the year the Uniti range had a new addition – the Atom Headphone Edition. A wonderful companion to our Focal headphones.
Nordost Cables – Valhalla 2 is world leading reference cabling. We took on the exceptional ethernet and tonearm cables.
Rega – our go to entry level turntables got even better this year with the updated Planar 1 and Planar 1+ (with built-in phono stage). We also took on dem their reference moving coil cartridge, Aphelion 2 – this sounds fabulous on their top of the range, Planar 10 turntable. At the end of the year we took delivery of their System One – a one stop vinyl system consisting of: io amplifier, Planar 1 turntable and Kyte loudspeakers.

Sonos – A new product this time from Sonos: Roam, a small, portable speaker that can use Bluetooth too.
Sony – VPL-VW790ES – this 4K laser projector has to be seen to be believed. Home cinema has never looked so good. Currently playing in our main home cinema system.
Trilogy Audio Systems – is known for superb phono stages and the improved 906i, hence the i, takes the performance even higher.
Velodyne – after taking a break for a few years, Velodyne is back in home cinema with a new range of entry level subwoofers – Deep Blue.