21 June 2021    |    New products

Naim Audio’s First Ever Turntable: Solstice

Naim Solstice Turntable Special Edition

Naim Audio is synonymous with Great British Hi-Fi, but in it’s almost 50 year history, one component has been absent from it’s range. Until now that is.

Naim Solstice is the first ever turntable produced by the Salisbury-based audio giants. Appropriately named for it’s unveiling on 21st June, Solstice promises to turn heads all over the hi-fi industry. Naim fans everywhere will be able to complete their Naim systems with the beauty and purity of analogue. But they will need to be quick. Solstice is a limited edition: only 500 turntables will be available, as part of a unique Solstice Special Edition collection which includes:

  • Naim Solstice turntable
  • Next-generation version of Naim’s iconic Aro tonearm
  • Equinox moving-coil cartridge
  • Solstice Series Phono Stage NVC TT
  • Solstice Series Power Supply NPX TT
  • Bespoke accessories pack – an exclusive commemorative hardback book and unique Naim Records album

We’ve received our demonstration model, and it’s set up and ready for you to listen to now. Here’s all the info on this soon to be highly sought after piece of vinyl history:


The Solstice Special Edition retails at £16,000. That includes Solstice turntable with Equinox MC cartridge, Aro tonearm, NVC TT phono stage, NPX TT power supply plus the exclusive commemorative book and Naim Records True Stereo album – a curated collection of superb-quality True Stereo recordings, newly remastered for vinyl.

Orders are on a strictly first come, first served basis worldwide and can be taken now. Call 0141 221 0221 or email glasgow@loud-clear.co.uk to order, enquire or for more information.

And this is what your Solstice Special Edition looks like 😊:

Naim Solstice Special Edition

Naim Solstice Special Edition Equinox

Naim Solstice Special Edition

Naim Solstice Special Edition Equinox

Naim Solstice Special Edition

Naim Solstice Special Edition NVC TT

Naim Solstice Special Edition

Naim Solstice Special Edition NPX TT

Naim Solstice Special Edition Book

Solstice Special Edition
Solstice turntable combines core Naim design philosophies, such as multiple levels of mechanical decoupling, with a celebration of beautiful materials. It features a magnetic bearing supporting a high-mass, highly polished aluminium platter with a unique, self-calibrating motor drive system, meticulously delivering the Naim sound.

The Special Edition package also includes a commemorative book, plus the Naim Records True Stereo album – a curated collection of superb-quality True Stereo recordings, newly remastered for vinyl.

A timeless Naim design
Naim products aim to be both timeless and contemporary. Designs eschew unnecessary visual adornment that do not serve performance goals. Solstice Special Edition design is functionally coherent, sharp – almost brutalist – and wears its innovative materials and design solutions with pride.

A legacy that lives on
Naim Audio founder, Julian Vereker often considered a Naim-designed turntable. Tragically, he never realised his plans before his untimely death in 2000. Now his legacy lives on with this project and the team behind Solstice Special Edition.

From then to now
Despite not producing it’s own turntable, Naim has continued to champion vinyl, producing the iconic ARO tone arm in 1989. Solstice Special Edition includes the much-anticipated next generation of Aro which retains the original design principles and excellence but boosts performance by using improved materials – including tungsten and carbon-fibre – and adding an all-new, no compromise bias, arm height and azimuth adjustments.

Equinox MC Cartridge
The Equinox cartridge’s Moving Coil (MC) inner assembly sits in a solid aluminium housing machined from a single billet. A raked silver polished chamfer passes over the black cartridge edges, simultaneously communicating the unseen facets of the diamond stylus and giving a nod to heritage Naim ‘chrome bumper’ designs.

Phono Stage NVC TT
NVC TT references previous designs such as SuperLine and also the pinnacle of Naim engineering: Statement amplifier. The Solstice Series Phono Stage is the first to feature the Discrete Regulators (DR) developed for that flagship.

Unique know-how
Led by Technical Director (Electronics) Steve Sells, Naim’s engineers designed simple but elegant circuits, fed by acclaimed high-performance DR tech which provides the smooth, stable power supply that’s vital for next-level performance. Naim’s production technicians then take premium components and fanatically measure, select and match them for ultimate accuracy.

Power Supply NPX TT
The Solstice Series Power Supply is a bespoke design that powers both the turntable and the phono stage. For the ultimate performance, these two different power supplies are completely isolated, with no risk of interference.

Precision engineered by Naim and Clearaudio
While the Solstice Series NVC TT phono stage and NPX TT power supply are hand-crafted in Salisbury, the NVS TT turntable, ARO arm and Equinox cartridge are exactingly manufactured to Naim’s unique design by Clearaudio.