17 June 2022    |    New products, Latest

Major LP12 news – Arko tonearm, Kendo + Koil MCs, new Selekt LP12, new Majik MC LP12

New LP12 2022 Selekt LP12, Arko, Kendo, Koil

We have some major LP12 news from Linn today: three new components – Arko tonearm, Kendo MC and Koil MC cartridges – an all-new Selekt LP12 and new Majik LP12 MC. Our favourite turntable engineers have been VERY busy!

We should have all of the new upgrades (and complete decks) in Loud & Clear next week ready for auditioning but let’s get straight to each, there are five to tell you about.

Arko Tonearm – £3,000, Kendo MC cartridge – £2,800, Koil MC cartridge – £800, new Selekt LP12 – £10,570 and new Majik MC LP12 – £3,675. Plus, Krane tonearm is now available as a standalone component – £1,350.


Linn Arko Tonearm

Arko tonearm – £3,000
Arko is an original, high-performance tonearm and Linn’s first entirely new model since 2006.

Linn has returned to fundamentals with Arko, by removing all bar the mission-critical elements of tonearm design, boiling these down to their essence, and then honing what was left to superlative standards – perfectly poised and rigorously refined.

Arko has greatly improved rigidity, precision and coupling throughout the arm wand assembly, thanks to machined 7075-grade aluminium specified throughout; and the new stainless steel through spindle as well as the ultra-stable gimbal platform facilitates superb bearing concentricity and alignment.

Special care and effort was taken to ensure that 7075-grade aluminium would be used exclusively throughout the arm – from headshell to gimbal – with the resultant material synergy and coupling effectively banishing undesirable resonances away from the delicate generator and out through the sub-chassis.

These efforts to simplify tonearm construction – with a reduction in total parts spanning from headshell to operating housing – result in improved rigidity, more fluid motion, and greater bearing stability and concentricity. These qualities, together with the unparalleled material synergy achieved by specifying 7075-grade aluminium throughout, make Arko a fundamentally simple tonearm; effortful simplicity.


Linn Arko Tonearm

Arko Key Features
• Machined aluminium headshell with elongated form factor and slots to accommodate a broad range of cartridges & reduce moving mass
• Single piece, polished, stainless-steel through-spindle for improved alignment and stability
• Precision machined slots on counterweight to enable accurate setting of tracking force
• High-precision, cold-drawn 7075 aluminium arm tube is incredibly stiff and produced to exceedingly high tolerance
• Gimballed design possesses superb inherent stability and rigidity and results in an improved sense of depth, impact and emotion
• 7075-grade aluminium specified throughout; providing superior coupling between parts and exceptional dissipation of resonance
• Machined stainless-steel counterweight with concave face decreases arm wand inertia
• Optimised to partner with Kendo MC (moving coil) cartridge

Arko Specifications
• Effective Mass 10g
• Tracking Weight Adjustment 0 – 3g
• Cartridge Range 2 – 10g
• Effective Length 229mm
• Overhang 18mm
• Offset Angle 24˚
• Pivot to Spindle Distance 211mm

Marry Arko to its partner cartridge, Kendo, and this synergy is improved yet further with superior dissipation of resonance along the tonearm system.


Linn Kendo on Arko


Linn Kendo on Arko

Kendo MC cartridge – £2,800
Kendo moving coil cartridge is the outcome of the Linn engineers’ efforts to capitalise on the elements of Ekstatik which work so well; using their tried-and-true, trickle-down development methodology to produce a more affordable, high-performance model which retains the same core design principles and acoustic fingerprint.

Kendo features a stiff, low-mass boron cantilever with a super-fine-line stylus, which together facilitate excellent response to the modulations of a record groove. Kendo is one of a new breed of cartridges which produce the most level frequency response of any to ever bear the Linn name. It’s not overly warm in bass, nor is it harsh in highs; its presentation is neutral, balanced, and uncoloured.


Linn Kendo MC


Linn Kendo MC

Kendo Key Features
• Rigid, nickel-coated, 7075-grade aluminium body
• Low-mass and stiff boron cantilever
• Super-fine-line stylus
• Aluminium-bronze threaded inserts
• Perfectly paired with Arko tonearm

Kendo Specifications
• Stylus Super Fine Line
• Cantilever Boron
• Tracking Force 2.0g
• Coil Wire Copper 4N
• Connection Pin diameter 1.2mm, gold
• Output Voltage 0.45mV @ 3.54cm/s
• Recommended Load 100 Ω
• Recommended Capacitance 1nF
• Int Impedance 12 Ω
• Weight 7.6g
• Compliance 14μm/mN


Linn Koil MC on Krane

Koil MC cartridge – £800
A formidable, entry-level cartridge; Koil is a superb first step onto the ladder of premium moving coil cartridges. This Majik-level cartridge offers a step up in performance from Adikt; either as an upgrade, or at the point of purchasing a new Majik LP12 MC.

Linn has collaborated with Audio Technica to produce this first-rate cartridge, based on their OC9 series; with Linn specifications implemented to its suspension, taking it to the next level in performance.

Koil Specifications
• Stylus Nude Microlinear
• Cantilever Boron
• Tracking Force 2.0g
• Coil Wire Copper
• Connection Pin diameter 1.2mm, gold
• Output Voltage 0.4mV @ 5cm/s
• Recommended Load 100 Ω
• Recommended Capacitance 100nF
• Weight 7.6g


Linn Koil MC cartridge

Krane Tonearm_Logo Closeup_72dpi

Linn Krane tonearm

Krane tonearm – £1,350
Krane, Linn’s Majik-level tonearm, is now available as a standalone upgrade for the first time since its launch in 2020. This high-performance tonearm features a static-balanced design and is hand assembled using high-quality aluminium and stainless steel components. Krane is designed with Linn effective length and offset angle as a primary consideration, in order to ensure complete congruity with all Linn cartridges and related Sondek LP12 components and accessories.

Linn_Selekt LP12_Front_WR

Linn Selekt LP12

Selekt LP12 – £10,570
“The Audiophile’s Dream”, Selekt LP12 is an elite Sondek LP12 decked out with precision-engineered Linn components from the upper echelons of their range. It sits between Majik LP12, the gateway to high fidelity vinyl playback, and Klimax LP12, the zero-compromise pinnacle of Linn’s engineering endeavour.

Karousel bearing, Kore subchassis and armboard, Lingo power supply, Trampolin base, Arko tonearm and Kendo MC cartridge are fitted to LP12 mechanics and plinth of your choice, all working in harmony to create Selekt LP12.

Selekt LP12 follows in the footsteps of its digital cousin – Selekt DSM – both in its superb sonic quality and its unbounded upgradeability. The versatile, high-performance, built-in phono stage of Selekt DSM – derived from the Linn flagship Urika – complements the superb calibre and craftsmanship of Selekt LP12. Selekt LP12 is decked out with an assortment of high-performance components from the Linn range; all working in harmony to deliver arresting musicality.

Selekt LP12 Key Features
• Kendo – moving coil cartridge with aluminium-bronze inserts, boron cantilever and super-fine line diamond stylus tip
• Arko – 7075-grade aluminium gimballed tonearm – machined with exceedingly high tolerances and precision
• Lingo – hybrid internal/external power supply
• Kore – aluminium sub-chassis bonded to a machined-from-solid armboard
• Karousel – patented, high-precision, machined single-point bearing
• Trampolin – suspended feet on an aluminium base board provides additional isolation from vibration

Linn_Selekt LP12_

Linn Selekt LP12

Majik LP12 MC – £3,675
Last but not least, these new developments mean there is an additional option when purchasing a complete Linn turntable – Majik LP12 MC which includes Koil moving coil cartridge. Perfect for those with a moving coil phono preamplifier.

Majik LP12 MM is the same specification but with Adikt moving magnet cartridge fitted – £3,450.

Majik LP12 MC Specification
• Koil – formidable, new moving coil cartridge; a step up in performance from moving magnet Adikt
• Krane – high-performance tonearm featuring static-balanced design, hand assembled using high-quality aluminium and stainless steel components
• Majik psu – integrated Majik power supply for AC motor
• Standard subchassis and armboard
• Karousel – patented, high-precision, machined single-point bearing
• Solid base board

Linn_Majik LP12 MM_3Q playing_WR

Linn Majik LP12 MC

Phew… that was a long one! But great news all round for LP12 owners and aspiring owners. Linn has trickled down technology, design and engineering improvements implemented first in Klimax level products to each performance level, providing more affordable improvements and upgrade paths.

We can’t wait to get our hands on them all next week and will announce details of demonstration and auditioning days once we do.

Long live vinyl! 😁

PS Sadly, after 34 years in production, this also means the end of life for Akito tonearm. Linn will accept orders for Akito up until 15th July so get in touch if you want one of the last Akitos to be made. Akurate LP12 will also be discontinued and replaced by Selekt LP12.