31 July 2012    |    Music


Even if you don’t recognise the name, you probably know at least one Wolfmother song from either TV or radio. When their debut was released in 2005, it was difficult to escape the cries of “WOOOMAN!” (from the song of the same name) or a catchy riff from one of their classic sounding rock tracks. Now you’re probably thinking ‘oh yeah, whatever happened to them?!’.

Well, in true rock style the original band survived the gruelling initial tour but imploded during the writing of the second album with rumours of in-fighting and (yes,you’ve guessed it) ‘musical differences’. However, singer Andrew Stockdale decided to continue on using the band’s name and second album ‘Cosmic Egg’ was eventually cracked with the help of a new band.

Now, despite problems continuing to dog (pun intended) writing, recording and touring they’re back again with their finest line-up to date. New member Elliott Hammond in particular helps to lend a whole new ‘Dimension’ (yes, I did mean that) to old and new songs alike with his input which includes percussion, harmonica and even some dancing. And yes, maybe Andy is a little eccentric. Which might explain his alleged ‘difficult’ nature. But I couldn’t care less. He rocks. He is Wolfmother.

It’s feral at https://www.wolfmother.com/