14 August 2012    |    Music


A long time in the making and with a lot of obstacles to overcome on the way, the very existence of Junip’s first full length release ‘Fields’ is mainly due to the patience, persistence and friendship of the musicians involved. Jose Gonzalez and Elias Araya grew up together in Sweden and started playing in their early teenage years. They later bonded with Tobias Winterkorn over a shared love of hardcore music and began planning a collaboration.

Fast forward 10 years and with one member now also studying art, one teaching part time and the other enjoying an unexpectedly successful solo career, it’s a wonder it ever saw the light of day at all. But it was worth the wait. It’s a wonderfully intense yet organic album from start to finish and if the rumour is correct, they may already be back in the studio recording the follow-up. Looks like they’re in it for the long-haul then…

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