14 August 2012    |    Music

Dead Meadow

When you hear singer/guitarist Jason Simon’s vocal style, it’s easy to assume that Dead Meadow are just another ‘psychedelic stoner rock’ band. And whilst being under the influence might enhance the experience for the listener, it would surely make his phenomenal guitar work almost impossible. Often achieving the illusion that they are more than just a three piece, this is probably down to Jason’s deft guitar pedal action combined with the fact that once you get used to it, that vocal blends in so well that it begins to sound like another instrument.

Their last release, ‘Three Kings’ captures a live performance (on either cd or double vinyl) and includes a dvd of the gig intertwined with extra ‘film’ footage which provides a very entertaining insight into the band and what goes on inside their heads. Let’s just say it won’t do them any favours in getting away from the genre tag mentioned above. Not that they should want to. They’re one of the best examples of it.

Everything is groovy at https://www.deadmeadow.com