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Here is David W’s musical journey with us:

“Listening to or playing music has been part of my life from a young age. Tuning into Radio Luxembourg or Radio Caroline for the latest releases which weren’t generally broadcast across the UK at the time was a weekend treat.

My first “real” system comprised an Eagle (I think) amplifier, huge homemade speakers with massive 12 inch paper cone drivers, and a Garrard record deck also on a homemade plinth. It saw me through University together with a growing vinyl collection.

Once I was in employment and with some excess cash the upgrade bug hit. I diversified from solely vinyl to cassette and then CD. My turntable moved on from Garrard to a Connoisseur BD1 with an SME arm and then a Rega Planar 3. My speakers became Wharfedale Dovedale speakers (my favoured Celestion Ditton speakers were sold out). 

Each upgrade gave an uplift to my musical enjoyment but my upgrade road was rather haphazard with potentially expensive dead ends and detours and I wasn’t actually sure that I was heading in the right direction. Reviews in magazines are one thing but the individual musical “roads” need to come together to get you to your end destination as quickly and efficiently as possible. What I needed was the equivalent of a musical ‘Sat Nav’.

The staff at Loud & Clear became my musical ‘Sat Nav’ and like a ‘Sat Nav’ they sought to make my musical journey as smooth and efficient as possible. They strove to seek out and understand my musical preferences before suggesting the best route forward. They provided me with ample opportunities to stop along the way, consider and reflect, before moving on again to my musical destination.

Without doubt they have steered me through my musical journey without the potential pitfalls of the “I know best” blinkered approach. Listening to my system now is a fantastically rewarding and enjoyable musical experience. Without my musical ‘Sat Nav’ friends I’d still be aimlessly driving around.”

David W


“Managed to give the Rotel a wee listen… What you’ve done is impressive! ….. There’s noticeably more stereo separation on the sound stage and the instruments have much greater presence forward and back – there’s a real 3d effect. If I shut my eyes, I could imagine the band playing in front of me. The ride cymbal on the opening track really comes across as a more complex sound. Looking forward to listening to much more.”

Chris Thomas


“Wow!  The work you did has surpassed all my expectations for my system!!  The dynamics of the music is much improved, I can hear the attack and decay of the notes in stunning detail again.  You were right in that this is very noticeable in the lower frequencies, but I think it is there across the whole spectrum.  It makes me realise how much my ears had acclimatised to how the system sounded through years of familiarity.  I am listening to music with a whole new enthusiasm!”

David Ballance


“The impact of the overhaul has opened up the sound, it has added warmth, clarity, resonance, and space. I have heard a few things that maybe never heard before or have not heard for a long time.”

Nigel Rutherford


“Guys and Gals at Loud and Clear done it again. I have been recently considering upgrading my current 9 year + Sim-audio Moon i-1 amplifier. Hubert suggested that I should consider a Full Service and Testing verified by a full test report. Replacement of all Capacitors and Servicing of Volume pot. I duly did. I have never heard my system sounding so good. Totally re-energised.”

Tommy Wallace