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“Managed to give the Rotel a wee listen… What you’ve done is impressive! ….. There’s noticeably more stereo separation on the sound stage and the instruments have much greater presence forward and back – there’s a real 3d effect. If I shut my eyes, I could imagine the band playing in front of me. The ride cymbal on the opening track really comes across as a more complex sound. Looking forward to listening to much more.”

Chris Thomas


“Wow!  The work you did has surpassed all my expectations for my system!!  The dynamics of the music is much improved, I can hear the attack and decay of the notes in stunning detail again.  You were right in that this is very noticeable in the lower frequencies, but I think it is there across the whole spectrum.  It makes me realise how much my ears had acclimatised to how the system sounded through years of familiarity.  I am listening to music with a whole new enthusiasm!”

David Ballance


“The impact of the overhaul has opened up the sound, it has added warmth, clarity, resonance, and space. I have heard a few things that maybe never heard before or have not heard for a long time.”

Nigel Rutherford


“Guys and Gals at Loud and Clear done it again. I have been recently considering upgrading my current 9 year + Sim-audio Moon i-1 amplifier. Hubert suggested that I should consider a Full Service and Testing verified by a full test report. Replacement of all Capacitors and Servicing of Volume pot. I duly did. I have never heard my system sounding so good. Totally re-energised.”

Tommy Wallace