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Discover our range of standard service options to keep your equipment performing at its best at all times.

From complete amplifier and turntable service, to source component service and modifications. Many hi-fi components can be upgraded beyond factory specifications… Let us unlock the full potential of your hi-fi equipment.

Standard and Complete Amplifier Services

Amplifiers are the beating heart of every audio system, this is the one component in your system that contributes the most to the overall performance of your system. Regular maintenance of your amplifier will ensure that the internal balance of components is just right resulting in top performance at all times.

Our standard amplifier service covers re-bias, damping factor and DC offset adjustment, clean and lubrication of all mechanical components.

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If your amplifier is over 10 years old we would strongly recommend going for the Complete Amplifier Service which also includes a replacement of all electrolytic capacitors and replacement of mica/thermal compound of the output devices. Electrolytic capacitors deteriorate over time and cause performance degradation and if left will eventually fail potentially causing damage to the active components. Replacing micas and thermal compound will ensure proper thermal transfer from output devices onto the heatsink ensuring stability.

We use the best available parts, tailored to their specific role in the circuit. Most manufacturers can’t afford to do that on the production line.

Additionally we offer internal re-wiring options, potentiometer replacements, signal relay replacements. Special requests can also be discussed.

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Source Component Service and Modifications

Traditional analogue and digital source components play music from a medium using a mechanical transport, those should be serviced to ensure stable performance.

Many older CD players can benefit from clocking system and analogue output stage upgrades. We can also service cassette players and open reel to reel machines.

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Turntable Service

Turntables rely on a fine balance of electro-mechanical operation and it takes years of experience to set a turntable up well – luckily we know a thing or two about servicing them.

We offer standard set price servicing for Rega, Linn LP12, VPI and SME.

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We offer a professional vinyl cleaning service for your precious record collection. This service includes an ultrasonic bath and antistatic sleeve to help keep the dust away.

Keeping your vinyl clean will prolong the life of your cartridge and will vastly improve the sound quality you get from your vinyl playback.