31 July 2012    |    Music

Syd Arthur

Now that summer has (hopefully) finally arrived, we’ll need an appropriate soundtrack to accompany it. Enter Syd Arthur. No, not just one bloke but four very talented young men. These guys have been rattling around on the outskirts of ‘favourite new band’ territory for a while now, honing their live sound which by all accounts seems to working out quite well for them. Often mentioned as part of the canterbury folk scene, this is probably more due to the fact that they live there than mere musical influences.

Don’t get me wrong, they definitely have a folky thing going on but it comes via a psychedelic, jazzy (and dare I say it) rock route giving it quite a unique edge and therefore qualifying itself for the category of ‘interesting’. That’s good enough for me. So having plumped for their very limited (250 copies) 180g vinyl edition, I’m please to say it was well worth the money. All I need now is to experience one of those high-energy live shows. And maybe invest in some funky knitwear…

Take up knitting at https://sydarthur.co.uk/