27 May 2016    |    Music


We made another trip to The States recently, the main objective of which was to attend Levitation festival in Austin, Texas. Whilst perusing what else might be happening there around that time, we were stunned to discover that our very own Foals would be playing legendary venue Emo’s on the Friday night of the same weekend. After a quick check to make sure that we wouldn’t be missing anything monumental at the festival, we promptly purchased tickets. The listing said ‘with support from Kiev’. I had never heard of them so I made mental note to check them out.

I soon had both an EP and full debut album streaming in my office and the following days were filled with trying to digest the quality of the music they produce. It’s complex and melodic, sometimes a little bit jazzy and little bit crazy but it totally works. And I fell a little bit in love.

I was super excited when they took the stage at Emo’s and they completely blew us away with their musicianship, proving that they are even better live than their studio work suggests. I spoke with the drummer afterwards (when I made sure I got both pieces of vinyl and a t-shirt from their merch stall) and he said that they’d love to come to the UK. They even have Scottish people in their crew.

To find out how good they sound, visit here, here and here. And you can buy direct from the band here to give them a reason to visit us.

Big thanks and respect to everyone for making it a special night. The sound quality at Emo’s is possibly the best I’ve ever heard at a gig. Kiev were simply stunning and Foals sounded extra über with a cherry on top!