29 October 2012    |    JC's comments

Is the more to music than 4 blokes in a band?

Is the more to music than 4 blokes in a band? Sometimes I wonder if there is anything new that can be done with music. You may think the classic 4 piece rock band is the best, or a full orchestra, a jazz trio or maybe even a smart guy or girl with some samples a few records and a new MacBook! Well they are all relevant. But once again, as has happened in passed years with people like Bugge Wesseltoft. Performers who can put a whole mess of styles together live on stage just blows my mind.

Well, it has just happened again. Enter Efterklang, together with the Norther Sinfonia at the Usher Hall Edinburgh, these guys popped my cranial organ!

Please follow the link and get a taste of what these guys do and trust me the video only scratches the surface of the musical journey they can take you on. True genre busting stuff…. They are still in the UK if you can get a ticket please go and enjoy them.