23 October 2012    |    Music

The Cosmic Dead

There are some good reasons to likeThe Cosmic Dead. One, they hail from Glasgow (but let’s not hold that against them) so are homegrown talent. Two, they are funny (please refer to their website/facebook page for proof of this). And three, because they rule. They also have a great work ethic. With 3 releases in just over a year (you can download the free ‘Psychonaut’ collection for a taster) including a set of live recordings and some even available on cassette tape which is a lovely, if not very practical touch. They also appear to be the go-to support band for a few venues in Glasgow and it was at The Captain’s Rest that we had our first encounters with them supporting a couple of our favourite bands (Pontiak and Arbouretum).

We were suitably impressed the first time even though we only caught the end of their set and had no idea who they were. Second time, we had arrived quite early and were sitting in the bar when the unmistakable sound of one of their psychedelic space-rock jams drifted up to us. We exclaimed “Its the bloody Cosmic Dead!” as we bounded down the stairs to join them. Afterwards, we spoke to guitarist James and asked where we might be able to purchase some of their tunes, at which point he produced a bundle of CD’s from his pocket. Once we had exchanged a whole fiver for ours, we noticed a small queue forming behind us which included members of the headline band and crew who were also heard enquiring about their playing style and inspiration. Not bad for a local support band.

And if you ask then nicely, they’ll even come and play at your house party. No really, they will. Just check out their list of past gigs.

All hail The Cosmic Dead at https://thecosmicdead.blogspot.co.uk