30 October 2012    |    Music

My Sleeping Karma

When 3 members of German stoner rock band The Great Escape began jamming together they planted the seeds of what was to become My Sleeping Karma. When the main project disbanded in 2006, they drafted in the help of a keyboard player to allow them to expand on the instrumental sound that they had created for themselves and their self-titled debut came out later that year to favourable reviews.

Their third album, ‘Tri’ holds a special place in my heart and although I’m still getting to grips with new album ‘Soma’, my initial listens have confirmed that they have once again upped their game with another natural progression.

Guitarist Seppi and bassist Matte look like they’ve spent most of their lives in the gym and that you wouldn’t want to spill a drink on them down the pub. But they’ve embraced the whole karmic way of life that they so beautifully refer to through their song and album titles and are really just a pair of big, solid fluffy soldiers. And a great reminder not to go judging people by their appearance.

Find out what comes around at https://www.mysleepingkarma.eu