21 March 2012    |    JC's comments

Classic Album Sundays needs that classic edge… a classic cartridge.

kiseki blue moving coil mc carridge

I have really warmed to the the whole concept of Classic Album Sundays but feel that the whole experience is enhanced with the correct choice of kit. Flicking through my own record collection lots of great memories (and a few scary ones) from the 1980’s jumped out. Grace Jones Night Clubbing, Human League Hysteria, Aztec Camera Love, LKJ IN DUB,The KLF The White Room to name but a few ( told you it could be scary ). One other thing that was deep set in my musical memory was my old vinyl system of the time, Logic DM101, Syrinx PU3 and Kiseki Blue pick up.

The Logic and the Syrinx are a thing of the past but the Kiseki is back. And when I say back I really mean it, I have just bought a Kiseki Blue N.O.S. A limited run of this 80’s Hi-Fi classic have been built using the original blue aluminium bodies and other new parts to give ‘Re-birth of Cool’ another meaning.

Sadly they are all gone but the next re-born classic will be the Kiseki PurpleHeart N.O.S. with Boron cantilever. If you want a taste of what to expect my cartridge is available to listen to.

For the full story visit the Kiseki site and contact me if you want to try a Kiseki.