3 April 2012    |    Music

Crippled Black Phoenix

There are a few rumours surrounding Crippled Black Phoenix. Most of them started by the band themselves. This may also be due in part to the many people that have been through their revolving door of members over the last few years. Starting out as a collaboration of like minded musicians who were either in (or had been in) other bands, this made their early albums and live performances a little sporadic.

But they appear to be trying to put that behind them with the release of ‘Mankind (The Crafty Ape)’ in January this year. A concept album dreamt up by original founder member Justin Greaves, it proves to be their most focused yet. Having walked the line between melancholic doom and hopeful optimism for the most part, their message now seems to be coming through loud and clear. And with some attitude.

Many have tried and failed to pigeon-hole them. Almost all have mentioned Pink Floyd. I was sonically assaulted by them at a show in Glasgow last year. In a good way. Currently on a ‘We Shall See Victory’ tour of Europe finishing up in London at The Garage on 3rd May, I personally hope that a full UK tour will follow.

Sign up for duty at www.crippledblackphoenix.co.uk