21 March 2012    |    JC's comments

Self indulgent Hi-fi, the ultimate expression of you. Headphones!

Without a doubt the most self indulgent item of Hi-fi has got to be headphones. Walking through Heathrow’s terminal 5 at New Year I noticed the sheer volume of people wearing headphones and earbuds. From street style kids wearing Dr Dre cans to ‘suited chaps’ with B&O’s very ‘clean looking devices’ right back to studious girls with classic retro AKGs to match their 35mm camera with black and white film. All styles can be expressed with the vast array of headphones on the market but in the end the wearer slots deeply into a world of beautiful self indulgence that no one can invade. What they hear no one else can experience, their soundtrack, their ears, their space.

So taken by this New Years Revelation I went straight to a shop and bought my self a pair of self indulgent cans. In our noisy world it is nice to choose your own soundtrack…