26 May 2021    |    Music

What’s on Iain’s MiND? Garmarna

Garmarna: Forbundet

For the past few weeks, Iain has been streaming Garmarna’s “Forbundet”: Contemporary Swedish Folk with their roots in the traditional. Here are his thoughts:

“Fantastic dark, brooding music with the most wonderful rhythmic basslines which hook you in. First class production values are always good news and this is so well produced it’s a joy to listen to. First listen was magical and subsequent listens take you away on a journey which evokes many themes, none more so than the original Wicker Man soundtrack. For those who know the film you’ll understand the notion of Britt Ekland’s body double and the accompanying, driving musical theme. For those who don’t know the film…..it’s time you watched this classic movie.”

Search it out, have a listen and let Iain know what you think!