18 September 2012    |    Music


If you had told me a few years ago that I would soon be listening to a well known American ‘alternative metal’ band, I would have applauded the comedian in you. Now not only have I listened to and bought their entire back catalogue (most on both CD and vinyl), I’m also a member of their ‘Collective Unconcious’ fan club and impatiently awaiting the release of their (now well overdue) 5th studio album. And having discovered them via their most recent album ‘10,000 days’, I thought I had blown it. Until I listened to their back catalogue.

While stepping back though their 20 year history I realised that although their sound has evolved, it’s always been recognisably them. I’ve even heard them described as the ‘metal Radiohead’ by more than a few people. But don’t let either of those things frighten you off because they really do stand alone in terms of musical innovation. The only danger in this is continuing to be associated with certain genres because no one quite knows where else to file you. They can be loud and complex, but almost always melodic and sometimes surprisingly delicate. For a metal band.

They challenge people to ‘think for themselves’ so approach with an open mind, and you might just be pleasantly surprised by what you find…

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