25 September 2012    |    Music

Six Organs Of Admittance

Ben Chasny has an incredible work ethic. Either that or he never sleeps. Having now released 12 albums under his solo moniker of Six Organs, he’s also managed to collaborate with other bands and musicians too numerous to mention. Born in L.A., the family moved to Northern California when his disillusioned Father returned from service in Vietnam. This led to Chasny growing up alone in the country, listening to Dad’s record collection and by the age of 18 he had locked himself away to learn to play guitar. And boy, can he play.

His guitar work is mesmerising and can stun a whole room into silence. Even in Glasgow. This was one gig were I was happy to find a seat and let the sound wash over me and I was soon smiling as I began to recognise the stripped down tracks he was playing. His studio albums can be quite complex and have encompassed everything from Middle Eastern Drone and British Folk through to East-Meets-West Guitar and Spiritual Avant-Jazz, yet he still somehow manages to stay true to his own sound.

It’s not always an easy listen but if you’re intrigued and looking for a good starting point, my own personal favourite (so far) is ‘Luminous Night’. With latest album ‘Ascent’ currently being described as ‘blistering and explosive’ it looks like he’s changing it up once again by plugging his guitar back in and hooking up with some old friends.

Admit one at www.sixorgans.com