4 December 2012    |    Music

The Dead 60’s

I didn’t know that there was a big ska meets punk scene in Liverpool back in the early 2000’s. Maybe there wasn’t. But if there was, it was probably down to The Dead 60’s. Starting out in their teens, they changed their name twice and recorded a couple of EP’s, a session for John Peel and toured with some big names before announcing that they had split in 2003.

A few months later, they re-appeared as The Dead 60’s and began to tour again extensively with more big name bands, this time including the festival circuit. They won over a lot of people with their infectious, updated take on the genre, as demonstrated on their self titled debut. They even achieved some success in The States due to the popularity of single, (ironically) ‘Riot Radio’.

Before they disbanded in 2008, I was lucky enough to catch them at the Liquid Rooms as part of T On The Fringe in ’06. Now that was a fun gig. With a lot of silly dancing. And probably the most attitude and the best sound I’ve heard there. Ever.

Their own website is under maintenance but you can visit https://uk.myspace.com/thedead60s for more info.