27 November 2012    |    Music

The Cinematics

Over the last few years, there has been a spate of bands ‘reforming’ but (I won’t name any names) not always successfully or for the right reasons. Over the next few weeks, I would like to give a mention to some that I wish had never split up in the first place. First up, some homegrown talent…

I love a ‘support band incident’. This involves falling for a band that I never knew existed. And The Cinematics definitely qualify for that. It was a particularly good night as both the second support band and the headliners didn’t disappoint but something about these guys really stuck with me. Probably singer Scott Rinning, who managed to nail the angst-ridden front man thing perfectly whilst also demonstrating an amazing set of pipes. So we were delighted when they announced debut album ‘A Strange Education’ accompanied by a date at King Tut’s.

For an album that’s jam-packed with ‘hits’ I’m still amazed that they had to go all the way from Glasgow (Dingwall originally) to New York to get signed. With support from the label, they toured extensively and picked up a lot new fans. Then they were dropped when the company was bought over a couple of years later and lead guitarist Ramsay also parted company with the band. He was replaced by Larry Reid who had toured with them previously and a second album ‘Love and Terror’ and EP ‘Silent Scream’ were released. But it was during the recording of a third album in Germany that things very abruptly came to an end and an announcement was made to that effect.

Only the band know what happened but you can find out more about the music at https://www.facebook.com/thecinematics