4 July 2022    |    Shop news

Summer Quiz

Summer Quiz

How well do you know our store at Commercial Quay?

This summer, we’re putting you to the test! Correctly answer these four conundrums and you could win a vinyl record of your choice, up to a value of £30. You may be able to work from memory but in fact, we hope you use the excuse to come in, say ‘hello’, and find your answers in the store!

Email us your best guesses! Answers (and winner) to be revealed on Tuesday 2nd August.

Good luck!

*** UPDATE 02/08/2022 ***

Please find the answers below.

We are delighted to announce that the winner is Mr Andy Douglas. Congratulations Andy!

Quiz question number 1

Which famous 1979 rock album is also an architectural feature at Loud & Clear in Edinburgh?

Clue: Edinburgh

Another Brick in the Wall, Pink Floyd

Quiz question number 2

Which 2013 Netflix series is represented by a high level architectural feature in the Conservatory at Loud & Clear in Edinburgh?

Clue: Wired

Orange is the New Black

Quiz question number 3

Which 1998 British movie is represented by an architectural feature at Loud & Clear in Edinburgh?

Clue: Silver

Sliding Doors, by Peter Howitt

Quiz question number 4

Which non-architectural feature could be argued as being architectural in its own right at Loud & Clear in Edinburgh?

Clue: French 1930s

The French architect’s table!