22 April 2014    |    Music

The Maverick Music Festival (San Antonio)

So, we decided on a bit of a whim to organise another music based road trip to The States. It was mainly to see one band in particular (more of that to come in my next post) but also being able to attend The Maverick Music Festival was what nailed it in the end.

We’ve been to San Antonio before and really like it there. It’s got a nice vibe and a pretty river walk that runs right through the centre of town. So, we were pleasantly surprised to find that there were three stages in total, with one of them set on the riverbank and two of them being absolutely free. And yes, I do mean FREE. Passers by were able to take a seat on the grassy amphitheatre and enjoy the music. Which we duly did.

That was when we encountered Crown, who were just setting up on that stage. We noted that there was a lot of hair present so we stuck around. And they didn’t disappoint with their blend of bluesey-psych-rock (which you can sample here & here). Their full length debut album is imminent (but there are already some tracks/an ep etc available to play/download here) so if you like what they’re doing, please support them by buying their tunes.

Our day ended with The Black Angels which as you may know from previous posts, are an absolute favourite of mine. And it was an appropriately awesome performance to finish the day off with…

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