5 March 2013    |    Music

I Am Kloot

The Kloot might not ever rock your world. They’re more likely to buy you a pint and tell you a bad joke. But that’s the point. They sound like the kind of guys that you could easily spend a Saturday night down the pub with. That’s not to say that their music isn’t top quality stuff though.

Last album ‘Sky at Night’ got them some well deserved coverage via their 2010 Mercury prize nomination but by then they had already been plugging away at it since 1999, gathering a legion of fans along the way.

It’s all very well being catapulted to ‘next big thing’ status by the music industry, but there’s a lot more merit in doing it the hard way. Not to mention the work, experience and the ‘never getting too big for your boots’ lessons that it teaches you. It’s hard to imagine anything otherwise from these guys.

Latest album ‘Let It All In’ is no exception. Beautifully crafted and worded, you can tell it comes from the heart. And one with a great sense of humour too.

Mine’s a pint at https://iamkloot.com