26 February 2013    |    Music


You may not have heard of Hexvessel. Neither had I until I read about them recently in a back issue of Prog magazine, who made it sound interesting enough for me to give it a try. And I’m glad I did.

2011’s ‘Dawnbreaker’ was the solo effort of English born singer/songwriter Mat McNerney (aka Kvohst) and was a departure from his previous musical endeavours, which include bands from the death/black metal scene.

Second album offering ‘No Holier Temple’ sees him combine talents with seven other soul-mates (who he met when they played in the band at his wedding) to create a beautiful and surprising collection of folky-psychedelic-prog-rock.

Describing themselves as ‘Forest folk from Finland’, they look and sound just like that and have been so well hidden deep in the woods that I’m grateful to have found them at all…

Can’t see the woods for the trees at https://hexvessel.tumblr.com