5 June 2012    |    Music


With a few notable exceptions, I’ve never been a big fan of female singers. It’s just not my thing. And there have been precious few women that have reached out to me musically in many years of listening. Until quite recently. They are called Warpaint. And these ladies have it all.

Despite having connections to some famous industry people in and around LA, they decided to do things their own way, choosing to make music that they themselves were happy with and inspired by. They didn’t even take themselves seriously as a band or see it as a career to begin with.

But with some gentle persuasion from a growing fan base, their insistence that it was all about the music started to pay off. Since the release of an EP (Exquisite Corpse), a full album (The Fool) and after taking last year’s festival circuit by storm, they are back in the studio working on new material. Be afraid boys. Very afraid.

Let’s hear it for the ladies at www.warpaintwarpaint.com