15 May 2012    |    Music

The Parlor Mob

There’s been talk of rock music dying out. Obviously, no one has told The Parlor Mob this. And it wouldn’t matter even if you did as they’re not the kind of band who follow rules. Or fashion. Their modern take on a classic rock sound is so refreshingly authentic that you would swear they had been hiding out somewhere since 1970-something.

But apparently they are just a very tight bunch of talented young guys from New Jersey who’ve worked hard at doing what they love. And it’s stood them in good stead. With two accomplished studio albums, 2008’s ‘And You Were A Crow’ and last year’s ‘Dogs’ in the bag, they still see themselves as more of a live band.

After studying some of the footage available online I can see where they’re coming from. Having been out of town the one and only time they toured the UK (ouch!) and loving both the albums the way I do, I’m badly in need of a live ‘fix’.

RAWK OUT! at www.theparlormob.com