24 April 2012    |    Music


Brothers Jennings, Van and Lain Carney grew up on a farm in rural Virginia and after some well travelled life experience each, came together to form Pontiak. These guys are the real deal, not only writing but recording and producing their own music on their own terms. And now, they even do it all in a specially built studio back at that family farm. Each of their albums feel like a moment in time, captured, and it’s difficult to describe their sound in just a few words.

They are sometimes loud. Sometimes organic. Usually both. But always original. Their live shows are something else entirely. I highly recommend ‘experiencing’ Pontiak for yourself. As someone said of them recently ‘ You should pay attention to them because they rule’. I couldn’t agree more. Their latest offering, Echo Ono is a stunning addition to an already impressive back catalogue.

Become a farmhand at www.brotherspontiak.com