7 November 2013    |    JC's comments

Please trust your ears

Here in my hidden little page on the Loud & Clear site I sometimes have a rant about things. Today is one of those days when the rant comes out all guns blazing.

Please, for the love of god ( or your equivalent ) trust your ears. Over the past few months I have listened to some spectacular systems, some very cheap that just blow me away. At the same time I see customers choosing their new and sometimes very expensive system based on “Can you airplay this crap music file to that” or ” The meta data on this does not look good enough” or ” I need it to do gapless playback”. Just stop please and listen, if it sounds great then be happy and use your i-Pad for something else.

Hi-Fi is for playing music, music is for pleasure, if there is no pleasure then it is not Hi-Fi