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Matt’s January feature: Spotlight on CES 2023

Matt’s January feature: Spotlight on CES 2023

CES (the Consumer Electronics Show) is branded as the most influential tech event in the world and each year it attracts visitors from across the globe all looking to experience the very latest consumer electronics product launches – and, if they are lucky, to enjoy the Las Vegas winter sun.

This year’s show broke its expected attendance figures with over 115,000 industry professionals visiting the event. It featured over 3,200 exhibitors, including 1,000 start-ups, all showcasing the next era of innovation from transportation and mobility to digital health, the metaverse, television and, of course, hi-fi. Here are four launches that we will be hearing much more about during 2023.

One of the biggest hi-fi announcements at the show was Naim’s new Classic range featuring the NSC 222 streaming pre-amplifier, NAP 250 power amplifier and NPX 300 power supply. The Classic range is designed, engineered, and handcrafted in the U.K. and the new models provide a fresh level of sophistication while still being easy to use.

Steve Sells, head of hardware engineering at Naim, said: “From designing in our best-ever performance at this level, to added features and flexibility to eco-friendly elements – new Classic products use less than 0.5W in standby – we’ve combined our 50 years of experience with the very latest technology to redefine home hi-fi.”

And, in this Las Vegas world of innovation, there was another Classic launch from the hi-fi industry! JBL chose to lean on the past for its new Classic Series and has combined vintage design with modern technology to create a new range of audio components. The SA 550 Classic amplifier, MP350 Classic music player, CD350 Classic CD player and TT350 Classic turntable all have a timeless appearance that is sure to please many audiophiles.

If you’re in the market for a new turntable, then the Victrola Stream Onyx could be for you. This striking new turntable has been verified by the Works with Sonos program, enabling wireless streaming of your records through your entire Sonos system. There’s no leaning on ‘classic’ here as the refreshingly modern design features high-quality materials to ensure it will be a statement piece in any listening space.

One of the most legendary names in the industry is Nakamichi Dragon. The Dragon cassette deck from 1982 is a true classic (!) and the Dragon CD player of the 1990s was also extremely popular. However, since then, the Dragon has mostly remained in its lair – until this year’s CES where the Japanese company returned to launch its new Dragon Soundbar System. Five years in the making, this setup offered probably the best soundbar listening experience at the show and should start entering UK homes later this year.

CES 2023 has now closed its doors, and the visitors and industry representatives will all be resting their weary feet and heads after a week of long working hours mixed with extremely late nights experiencing the best that Las Vegas has to offer. This heady mix of some of the world’s best restaurants, extraordinary shows, clubs and bars together with the best in consumer electronics is something that you should try at least once – you may discover some classics!


Matt Tasker (Ammonite Media), January 2023

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