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Matt’s August feature: How to run a perfect hi-fi launch

How to run a perfect hi-fi launch

As I write this, the first products in MOON’s new North Collection of premium audio products are rolling off the production line in Quebec, ready for shipping to fine hi-fi stores across the globe. I thought that you might be interested to read about the timeline of launching this new range of products and in gaining a little insight into the processes that we follow (well, not all of them, as some elements are under a strict non-disclosure agreement). I should remind you that, in addition to working with Loud & Clear, my company also does the global PR for MOON.

As MOON says, the landmark North Collection represents the culmination of years of research and development in the fields of audio, electronics, materials, and manufacturing processes. Each of the six products in the range feature dynamic improvements in performance made possible by the passionate team of Simaudio engineers and technicians dedicated to delivering an uncompromised music listening experience.

The idea for the North Collection was conceived in 2018 and over the following years the products have been taken from blueprint to production line. Each component has been rigorously tested to ensure that every unit delivers the renowned MOON sound.

Once the hard work of designing and manufacturing these industry-leading products has been done, the next crucial step is to put the PR and marketing machine in action, and this starts with putting the product “out there”!

Most of us rely on reviews and recommendations before making any purchases. With this in mind, the goal of a successful launch is to ensure that, by the time the products arrive on the shelves, there is enough print and online press coverage so that you, the potential customer, are aware of them.

However, this is not as simple as it seems. Every hi-fi industry journalist receives multiple press releases about new products every week. They are invited to loads of events, and, after all, there is only so much space available to write about new products.

So, we had to plan very carefully for the launch of the North Collection and MOON chose the UK as the location for the launch as many experienced journalists working for the most globally influential titles are based here.

We decided to host a press event for a select group of writers that would understand the new products and appreciate how good they sound. But, where in the UK to hold it? Journalists don’t like to travel unless there is a very good reason and the location had to be easily accessible to them. Despite the concerns about the hecticness of London, we rented a stucco fronted house in South Kensington for the end of April.

We selected the house as it was a short walk from a tube station and close enough to Heathrow for the Canadian MOON team to reach it quickly and easily. It had multiple floors for the guests to spread out in and the acoustically treated home cinema room in the basement was just what we were looking for.

Invites were sent to the journalists and two units were shipped from Canada – and then the worrying started. Would the units get lost in transit? Would the journalists turn up? Would they like the products? Would they write about them?

The first worry was quickly resolved as the MOON units arrived well in advance. Then, on the day of the press launch we sat nervously at the door awaiting the arrival of our guests. We needn’t have been concerned as every seat in the home cinema was quickly filled. Indeed, we had to add additional seating for the extra, unexpected journalists who asked if they could attend – a very good sign!

Together with John of Renaissance Audio (MOON’s UK & Ireland distributor), the MOON team delivered a compelling presentation of the products. This was followed by a listening session that was so successful that it went on for much longer than anticipated. After this, many of the journalists joined us for a bit of feeding and watering in a local restaurant.

So far, so good. Now, would the journalists write about the products? Yes, they did! The press coverage was extensive and the praise for the new North Collection was exceptional. Phew!

Immediately after the press event, two of the units were delivered to the editor of a hi-fi magazine so that he could start reviewing them for swift publication. Most UK magazines publish a review about three months after they have received a product – printing of a magazine must be scheduled well in advance. In the USA, there is a lead time of up to six months, so one must plan well ahead.

After the UK launch, our next stop was May’s High End audio show in Munich at which MOON displayed products from the new range to its trade and consumer visitors. Members of the UK and International press were also invited, and this delivered even more print and online exposure.

Since Munich, we have been arranging for reviews in a wide range of print and digital magazines that are all scheduled to appear this autumn, just as the North Collection goes on sale. Usually, this is a very worrying time as one bad review can kill a product. As I’ve written before, many people are nervous about buying a product with less than four stars. These may be famous last words, but I’ll put my head on the block and say that for MOON’s new products we don’t expect anything less than a five-star review.

So, finally, after years of planning, the new products are being manufactured and the journalists are beavering away at their keyboards writing their glowing (definitely!) reviews which will start appearing over the coming weeks.

In the meantime, the first units from the North Collection will be available in Loud & Clear’s stores early in September. I urge you to visit and set up a demo, I know that you’ll love them. I’ve heard many products over the years, and these are really something very special.

In the meantime, if you’d like to discover more, visit:




Lastly, if you’re down South for the UK hi-fi Show Live at Ascot, do visit the Renaissance suite of rooms to hear MOON’s products at the heart of a stunning setup. Visit here to discover more:


Matt Tasker (Ammonite Media), August 2023

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