Dynaudio - 40 Years In The Making

Founded in Denmark in 1977, Dynaudio originated as a group of engineers and developers who held a penchant for music and loudspeaker design, who came to the mutual conclusion that even high-quality loudspeakers were not able to reproduce recorded music without coloration. At that time, distortion, timing differences, phase shift and a slow impulse response were not only audible, but also clearly measurable. Dynaudio had initially manufactured speakers using its own crossovers while relying on available OEM drivers. The first loudspeakers Dynaudio introduced in 1977 and 1978 were the models in the P-series. But according to Wilfried Ehrenholz, Dynaudio’s co-founder and sole owner, the company knew from its technical background that the only way it could produce a really good loudspeaker product would be by developing its own drivers. “If you are an OEM customer, you are always dependent upon the development level of your suppliers. But we had ideas that were a long way ahead of the products we could buy, and it was always our intention to aim for the quality end of the market. Within three years of our existence, all of our loudspeaker systems were equipped with our own drivers which were developed by our in-house R&D team.”

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