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Made in Canada

Canadian manufacturer Simaudio is located in Boucherville, Quebec. For now just over 40 years, the drive behind the most passionate design teams has been to create a connection between science and sound. To identify, quantify, understand and finally convey to you the nuances that make a recording as believable as a live performance.

MOON products are sustainable and come with a 10-year warranty. Responsible suppliers and subcontractors who share their philosophy of reducing their carbon footprint are favoured.

Industry-leading connectivity

MOON’s streaming products now offer Spotify Connect and AirPlay 2.

Spotify Connect is a better way to listen at home, millions of songs and podcasts available instantly. Users simply open the Spotify app on their phone or tablet, choose a track to listen to, select their MOON device and start listening. MOON’s superior audio technology will then work its magic to deliver an unforgettable performance.

All new MOON streaming products will feature Spotify Connect in their proprietary MiND2 module (Moon Intelligent Network Device). Existing MOON owners can install it through a simple firmware update.

The new integrated streaming module effortlessly allows Apple users to play music from any iOS device and change music with Siri voice control. AirPlay 2 also adds multi-room playback to MOON’s premium selection of connectivity options.

AirPlay 2 offers complete control and lets the listener enjoy their favourite music or podcast throughout the home and in perfect sync. Different songs can be played in different rooms – music can be streamed in one room and a podcast can be played in another. With AirPlay 2 friends can add their own music to the mix. And all listeners can use Siri and say the song, say the room and then enjoy the performance.

MOON products featuring Spotify Connect and AirPlay 2:

ACE – all-in-one music system

MiND 2 network player

280D – streaming DAC

390 – network player/preamplifier

680D – streaming DAC

780D v2 – streaming DAC

40 years beyond passions

Generate passions. Put people of all horizons, nationality and culture in tune. Vibrate at the same rate. That’s what we’ve been aiming for every day for 40 years. Giving access to sound purity, allowing intimacy with the performer, this is our way, at MOON, to bring to life striking emotions through music. MOON devices are designed with the intention that these intimate moments with the artist endure and remain authentic, for life.

MOON's factory

The factory is equipped with high-tech machinery, tools and instruments optimized to execute all facets of cutting, assembling, testing and finishing a MOON product with extreme precision and care.

This unique production facility permits an elevated standard of production in terms of quality and consistency. In addition, it provides an ideal environment and atmosphere for research and development. For the employees, it is a comfortable, functional, safe and motivating place to work and be expressive.