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German High-End

Obsessed by perfect sound, Avantgarde Acoustic engineer and produce prime quality horn loudspeakers and amplifiers, shipped from their picturesque Odenwald region to enthusiasts all over the world.

Made for people who esteem a truly unique and pure sound experience, often hard to put into words. Awarded world wide for excellence in sound and design. Made in Germany, since 1991.


Opposites are simply fascinating us: A compact horn speaker with a capital sound performance. A distinctly reduced product design with downright lavish and sophisticated technology inside. That is the UNO. The entry into the cosmos of our classic horn loudspeaker designs, and yet already a statement that knows only few competition.


Horn Technology

Horn loudspeakers are the oldest and  most natural physical principle for rendering sound. Their functionality until today has undeniable advantages over other loudspeaker technologies. In this section we invite you to follow us through history and present time, theory and application of this fascinating technology!

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