9 April 2013    |    Music

Lunatic Soul

I know that words like ‘genius’ tend to be over/misused these days (along with a whole load of others) but there are times when I think it’s warranted. And I don’t think it would be inappropriate to use it when describing a musician like Mariusz Duda. He is the bass playing frontman for Polish prog-rockers Riverside (please see my last post for details of them) and also apparently, a whole lot more.

Lunatic Soul is an outlet for his solo work and away from his day job, he appears to have plenty of ideas of his own. As well as enough talent to provide vocals and perform a high percentage of the instruments himself (along with some mixing, production and artistic direction obviously). Yes that’s right, we already know he can rock a bass guitar but he’s also quite at home with an acoustic guitar, keyboard/piano, drums and percussion. In fact, his albums are distinctive by the omission of an electric guitar but certainly don’t lack anything because of that. They are lush, organic and atmospheric.

This is evident in particular on the most recent release “Impressions” which is mostly instrumental. As I am quite partial to Mr Duda’s vocal, my own personal favourite is volume 2 but as a rule I would heartily recommend trying any/all of his work. He has a lot (probably too much for one person) to offer.

Check into the asoulum at https://lunaticsoul.com/en