13 November 2012    |    Music

Jack White

For most people, Mr Jack White III doesn’t need much introduction. He is the singer-songwriting, multi-instrument playing musician and producer who fronted popular Detroit garage duo The White Stripes, collaborated with Brendan Benson on The Raconteurs as well as rocking the role of drummer in The Dead Weather. Somehow he also found the time to move to Nashville and set up Third Man Records which incorporates a label, studio and record shop. So when The White Stripes decided to disband, he found himself with some unexpected time on his hands. Then, one day when an artist cancelled their booking at the last minute, he found himself with an empty studio and a group of musicians expecting to work…

That was how solo album ‘Blunderbuss’ began life. Spontaneously, like a lot of things in Jack’s life. Including his live shows. Alternating between two backing bands, the all female ‘Peacocks’ and all male ‘Buzzards’ depending on mood etc, they follow Jack’s lead without the aid of a setlist. And what a setlist it is. Picking through his extensive career, these bands breathe new life into old favourites and make his solo work really come to life. So we felt privileged that he chose to end his short UK tour at Edinburgh’s Usher Hall last week and he didn’t disappoint, playing an extra long set with both bands.

If you missed it, never fear. You can sample a full show at  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxEmx6JnC_Q