Vinyl replay systems are not all about the distinctive warm sound and crackles, it is often about the physical connection it creates between us and our collection. For the passionate music enthusiast the true meaning of the performance only comes out when played on vinyl. With the correct approach we can also push those cracks and pops into the background and bring the performance into your home.

Sadly the market is full of poorly trained and under experienced people who are making bold statements about vinyl replay. HiFi stores often only have a dozen records for demo on partly set up turntables. At Loud & Clear we love vinyl replay and have hundreds of demo albums and will custom set up every deck for every demonstration to your exact needs. We are happy for you to drop your own deck off for service, setup or for use in a demo to help you choose the perfect partnering equipment.

We offer a great selection of decks in store, ranging from entry level turntables all the way through to the custom built one of a kind.

The turntable itself is only part of the story, and our wide selection of tonearms, cartridges, phono stages and accessories will keep you busy choosing the perfect ensemble.

At Loud & Clear Edinburgh we have several highly experienced staff who have worked with, repaired, and optimised countless decks. With so much firsthand experience dealing with turntables, you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands.


Despite an in-store collection of albums, we encourage you to bring in your own pieces to test our systems’ performance. Rare pressings to the front!

Our in-house turntable services are extensive, from simple cartridge set up to full deck and tonearm rebuilds.

We not only service, re-build and upgrade turntables supplied by us but also provide these services to customers who purchase their turntables elsewhere. With the lack of knowledge in the market of turntables this situation is understandable. We therefore invite you to use our services even if you are new to Loud & Clear. We are also happy to offer these devices to other Hi-Fi dealers who find themselves unable to cater for the current popularity of vinyl reply.

Brands recently worked on include Roksan, Mitchell, VPI, Linn, Rega, Lenco, Thorens, Dual, Technics, Project, ClearAudio, Manticore, Pink Triangle, Funk Firm, Townshend & many many more.

VPI Prime Series

Signalling a return to VPI's roots, Prime is uncompromisingly focused on delivering high end sound, and on making the most of recent technological advances.

Now we see it joined by a larger, improved sibling, the VPI Prime Signature. Boasting an improved plinth, isolation feet, better bracing and resonance damping throughout, the Prime Signature somehow betters its already amazing little brother.

£2650 - £6000

Rega Planar 3

Rega's latest iteration of the Planar 3 has been redesigned from the ground up. With only two components in common with its predecessor, changes between the two are inevitable.

Featuring improved ergonomics, usability, and a leap forward in sound quality, the Planar 3 still manages to be relatively inexpensive.

From £550

SME Model 15

Taking inspiration from SME's Model 30/2 and 20/3, the Model 15 bills itself as "the ultimate in recovery vehicles" for your vinyl collection.

Weighing in at over 24kg and retaining the same reduced footprint as it predecessors, the Model 15 takes a laid back approach to looks without compromising in the slightest on sound quality.

From £9250

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