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In choosing your loudspeakers, space and design may guide you but your ears should ultimately make the final decision. Make sure your Pink Floyd or Bach sounds great but also make sure your new speakers open your musical horizons rather than closing them down.

We offer a comprehensive yet carefully selected range of engaging and musical loudspeakers which will take you on that journey to achieving your very own hi-fi Nirvana.

Step 1: Narrowing down

No matter what your preference – elegant cabinets in traditional veneer or high gloss lacquer, electrostatic hybrids or small discrete monitors, passive or active – drop in for a browse and a chat over a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Step 2: Come in for a listen

Years of experience in understanding the musical nature of our product range and just how to get the very best out of a given product allows us to demonstrate how you can get the very best from your music collection.

Step 3: Home Installation

Now that you have chosen your speakers, we will set them up in your home. This last refinement ensures that this loudspeaker nirvana is just around the corner.

Some of our favourite brands

Audiovector, Dynaudio, Fyne Audio, ProAc.

Each offer a huge selection of speakers, from floor standing to bookshelf. The most popular wood finish is currently Walnut but the classic Piano Black and Satin White for the contemporary room both come a close second. Or why not choose a custom finish in your favourite colour?

Our favourite brands