A pair of loudspeakers can enchant and mesmerise but above all take you straight to the heart of the performance which you so dearly love, Nonsense! However they can get pretty close if you allow your ears to choose for you.

Whether it is a traditional approach or one which takes you towards some of the more esoteric designs the one key pointer in speaker choice should come down to the listening experience. Take the basis of what you like and explore within a carefully chosen range of musical performers and that destination is just around the corner. More nonsense!

But that is what people want to read sometimes. Listen, fall in love & then buy and enjoy. That is all that is needed. Sure, make sure your Pink Floyd or Bach sounds great but also make sure your new speakers open your musical horizons rather than closing them down.

We offer what we would like to believe is the most comprehensive range of engaging and musical loudspeakers which will take you on that journey to achieving your very own hi-fi Nirvana.

Add to that a visit to your home to further refine the process and loudspeaker nirvana is just around the corner.

Years of experience in understanding the musical nature of our product range and just how to get the very best out of a given product allows us to demonstrate how you can get the very best from your music collection.

So no matter what your preference – elegant cabinets in traditional veneer or high gloss lacquer, electrostatic hybrids or small discrete monitors, passive or active – drop in for a coffee and a chat but above all a listen to some truly remarkable loudspeakers.

Totem Arro Design

The Arro from well established Canadian manufacturer Totem has an excellent dynamic range, so that delicate and subtle low-level information comes through without obstruction, yet at the same time dynamics themselves are vigorous and realistic.

Design Finish From £1899

KEF Blade & Blade 2

When KEF gave their engineers free rein to create the best speaker they could, they came up with the revolutionary Concept Blade prototype - the world's first single apparent source loudspeaker. Its sonic capabilities were so impressive that they created an edition that serious audiophiles could actually own.

From £18000

Dynaudio Evoke Series

Hot on the heals of our best selling speaker from 2019, the Dynaudio Special Forty. We are delighted to bring you the Dynaudio Evoke Series.

With 2 bookshelf and 2 floor standing models to choose from there is a speaker to suit any room in this series.

Typically tuneful with deep articulated bass and a crisp clean mid band these are classic Dynaudio in every way.

From £1800

Dynaudio Special Forty

To celebrate their 40th year Dynaudio created this near perfect stand mount Loudspeaker.

The high gloss cross cost birch ply cabinet is available in gloss red or gloss grey.

Compliment them with the Dynaudio Stand 20 for the perfect combination of sound and looks.

£2925 including stands.

KEF Reference 5

As you can tell from the name, KEF are quite proud of their Reference 5s. So proud in fact, that they released a special (and stunning) black and copper Foundry Edition.

We could tell you how good they sound, or you could book a demo with us and listen to one of the most engaging speakers you're likely to hear in a long time.

The choice is yours...

From £15000

YG Acoustics Sonja Series

YG Acoustics' flagship speaker, designed to be the statement piece of any system it fronts. Combining cutting edge acoustic engineering with world-class manufacturing, Sonja is a marriage of art, elegance, and musical enjoyment.

Available as the Sonja 2.1, a compact standmount speaker, and extendable up to the the towering Sonja 2.3 with added bass cabinets or the ultimate Sonja the XV you can easily find a spot for the speakers in your home.

Inquire in-store for details.

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