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CD Players

CD sales may be down but in our world of high end performance systems, some CD Players still have their rightful place. No point in wasting time on poor quality CD players though. With this in mind, we offer you the following three brands.

Rega: High performance at an affordable price

At £629, the Rega Apollo CDP CD player is a no brainer, meeting most expectations.

The new Apollo CDP’s uses the same electronic circuit found in the hugely successful Apollo-R CD player. Re-housed in Rega’s latest custom aluminium case to match the new styling of the Brio amplifier, the Apollo utilises Rega’s own custom chipset and software offering a truly unique level of performance.

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MOON: With or without DAC

A true high-performance, high-end digital product that meets current and future needs. The 260D CD transport with optional 32-bit DAC is the next evolutionary step in combining high-performance, useful features, CD playback and music streaming all into one chassis.

So if you already have a DAC, the 260DT Transport only is the player for you, at £2300. For a complete solution, at £3200, the 260D with DAC is regarded as the best built at the moment.

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At £7900 the costlier reference MOON 650D DAC / CD Transport truly pushes the boundaries.

To hear it in action, please come and see us!

Bel Canto: Combining quality and design

Bel Canto’s e.One Series CD3t CD Player provides the most direct digital path to your DAC with a convenient slot load drive.

We have chosen it for its space saving design and high quality CD transport driving SPDIF and AES/EBU digital outputs.

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