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There are a lot of amplifiers to choose from out there. Our job is to help you narrow down the choices and we have already started, even before your walked in. We have already auditioned amplifiers on your behalf, spent time listening to products before bringing them into our range for demonstration. Our key criterion is musicality. If an amplifier is musical, then it engages with the listener. Then all that is left to do is to pair the right amplifier to your source and speakers.

This is where we can step in, to guide you through the questions you may have and help you choose the right piece of equipment.

Edinburgh Listening Room

Auditioning your next amplifier

Some amplifiers you can click and buy but some need auditioning.

A visit to our showroom and a listen in our dedicated demo room will allow us to work out the best possible products to slot into your system.

Let us do the hard work in focusing our equipment down to a point where you can concentrate on the very personal, subtle points which makes your choice of equipment unique to the way you want your hi-fi to perform.