9 October 2012    |    Music


At one point there were seven members in Diagonal and, as demonstrated on their self-titled 2008 debut, they each brought their own influence to the sound. It’s a mind boggling blend of jazz, folk, psychedelia and prog (please note: prog is not a dirty word) and it sounds so authentically retro it’s like it’s been transported straight here from the 1970’s. There’s also quite a bit of mystery surrounding them but I’ll tell you what I know so far…

I know that they’re based in Brighton and that they’ve now sadly parted company with two of their original members, one of them the vocalist. In true Diagonal style though this will merely result in more lengthy instrumental saxophone/flute/clarinet led action. I also know that they don’t play gigs north of the border often enough (like ever?) but with a new album imminent, I’m hoping that will change.

So if you like your musical soup a little from the leftfield then Diagonal just might be your favourite new band.

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