20 April 2012    |    JC's comments

Demo discs, will we miss them?

Now that we are spending our days doing more dems using music on a hard drive I wonder if the demo disc will become a thing of the past. As I type there is a bloke sitting next door listening to his own CD copy of Stevie Ray Vaughan’s classic, Tin Pan Alley. It was nice of him to bring it but we do have a copy on our hard drive ( we also have 2 CDs and and 2 vinyl copies). He also has a stack of discs that I don’t know very well and that is a joy and I am really pleased he brought them. Problem is fewer people are bringing new music (well, new to us) in and that has always been our life blood. So, here’s the deal…. you bring what ever you fancy listening too and we will provide some good coffee but remember to bring that whacky new band’s CD or the odd disc you bought back in 1997 when you went to New York for the weekend and we may just show our gratitude by making it sound better than ever before.