11 February 2020    |    Hi-fi

Bel Canto, Minneapolitan Music Makers

Fantastically small, fantastic sounding. Bel Canto was founded by John Stronczer in 1991, a true music enthusiast, he’s instilled this passion into some fantastic electronics in the time since. All Bel Canto products are designed and manufactured in Minneapolis, Minnesota, it’s refreshing to see the manufacturing of electronics take place so close to its designers.

The team at Bel Canto design their products with real self-assurance, they wholly understand their vision of both form and function. Equally, Bel Canto have stuck with the times, with their DACs and Network Players having full MQA support.

With their e.One range, they have occupied a large gap in the market, of small, but powerful electronics; all of the different models taking up roughly the same amount of space as a Rega Brio. This rather small form-factor offers (ironically) huge versatility, and is not to be underestimated as a key feature of the e.One range.

Pictured are the DAC 2.7 (£2,400), REF500S (£2,500), and CD3t (£1,600). This makes for a fantastic Hi-fi system (a pair of speakers help as well). It’s to be understood that this £6,500 setup, does in fact sound like a £6,500 setup. It can be easy to underestimate the e.One due to its size, but we can assure you it makes sense as soon as you sit down for a listen.