30 October 2014    |    JC's comments

Avantgarde Acoustic

On a recent visit to Germany I had the great pleasure of visiting the team at Avantgarde Acoustic. I think it was around 15 years ago that I first listened to these speakers at the Hi-End show in Frankfurt. At that time I think the style was a little too much for the UK market and our narrow vision. Fast forward to today and Avantgarde don’t have a speaker for every budget (well not yet) but they have speakers that tingle both my sonic and visual sense of appeal. I am certain that anyone who hears or sees these speakers in the flesh will agree, welcome to the brave new world.

In Edinburgh we have the stunning new Zero 1, a fully digital active horn loudspeaker. They are fast, fun, detailed and exciting yet subtle and graceful. They can also be very “Loud & Clear” which we like very much!

Inspired by what I saw and heard at Avantgarde Acoustic and also by the great conversations with Holger & Armin, Loud & Clear will soon be inviting our customers to experience a full Trio set up very soon.

Loud & Clear are set to be the first point of contact for Avantgarde Acoustic in the UK. For more information on these stunning products please contact myself at the Edinburgh store, 0131 555 3963


Kind regards


John Carroll

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