8 February 2019    |    Hi-fi

As solid as steel!


Style meets performance!

These elegant stands are brand new in our shop in Commercial Quay from Italian company SolidSteel, so no surprise they are rather pretty, the good news doesn’t stop there either.
Though a simple design these monitor stands manage to achieve effective decoupling and provide a very solid foundation for any stand mount speaker.

Due to the tripod construction in this particular model (the SS-6) they prove brilliantly stable from little adjustment. Think of a drum stool, on an uneven stage, it doesn’t move around. With more finite adjustments these stands allow you to unlock and hear the potential of your book shelve speakers, sharpening the position of the instrumentation and enlarging the sound stage, especially in regards to the surrounding, ambient or ethereal parts of the music.

SolidSteel have an extensive range of beautifully crafted Hi-Fi furniture that is well worth investigation.