19 June 2012    |    Music

Alberta Cross

A number of years ago, the BBC’s Reading Festival coverage included a red button multi-screen service (whatever happened to that?) and these guys really stood out against the other bands on offer. It was early days for them and they were a little rough around the edges, even having to re-start a song they messed up. But they had soul. And singer Petter Ericson Stakee.

Swedish by birth but having spent a lot of time in England, it’s hard to say what influences he and London born Terry Wolfers brought with them to the band. And since re-locating to New York and touring with some big names in the industry, they may have picked up a few more.

But Stakee’s right on the edge, Neil Young-esque vocal has been a constant and is what gets me every time. I’m not sure that their studio recordings do them justice so they are definitely a band to catch live when the opportunity arises. And with their new (and appropriately named) ‘Songs of Patience’ album to promote, they have just announced that they will be coming over to Europe some time in August…

Have your heart broken at https://www.albertacross.net/